Explore, Investigate & Discover Nature at Camp Mighty Acorn

summer camp logo-2This summer, kids will GET INTO NATURE at The Gardens’ new summer camp program for ages 5 to 10!

Camp Mighty Acorn is the perfect summer getaway for elementary grade-level kids who love to be inspired by the world around them. Campers will spend their days exploring the wonders of nature. They’ll discover the tiny worlds that exist under leaves on the ground, get to know the amazing wildlife that inhabits local creeks and ponds, and investigate ecosystems that can be found around the world. 


Program & Activities


During their exploration, campers will use keen senses and cool tools to investigate the world at hand. They’ll be guided in new ways to observe the world around them, exercise their curiosity, document their findings, and take care of nature’s valuable resources.


Campers will create their own field guide throughout the week, using new skills they’ll learn for recording their observations. They’ll become trained naturalists with observational and artistic skills to take on the trails!


Camp will take place at The Gardens at Heather Farm’s six-acre gardens and wildlife habitat. In addition, we’ll have easy walking access to the neighboring Heather Farm Park for exercise and enjoyment. Each week of camp will be dedicated to topics related to different ecosystems. Activities will include nature walks, games, stories, songs, crafts, building, drawing, digging, learning, and creating nature-inspired memories that will last a lifetime

Session 2: June 20-24

Glorious Grasslands
How dull would our world be without the lush green grasses swaying in the breezes? We’re not talking your front lawn here. We’ll take a virtual trip to the plains and see what those wild grasses really do to make our world vibrant!

Session 3: June 27-July 1

Radical Rainforests
Are you ready to climb the canopies? From the comfort of The Gardens, we’ll get to know the importance of the rain forests to all life on Earth.

Session 4: July 11-15

Wild Wetlands
We’ll get wet and wild getting to know creeks, ponds, and beyond! From dragonflies to frogs to river otters – our creeks and ponds are full of fascinating creatures.

Session 5: July 18-22

Desert Oasis
There are fascinating things happening in the desert! Let’s find out what’s going on in this extreme ecosystem.  Amazing plants and animals can survive here, and we’ll find out how they depend upon each other to do this!

Session 6: July 25-29

Crazy for Coral Reefs
Let’s take a dive into the ocean’s most popular party spot – coral reefs! From corals to crabs to clownfish, and more, we’ll explore why coral reefs are so important, not just to the oceans, but to the Earth itself.

Camp Fees & Schedule

Full-Day Program, 9am to 3pm:  $275 for GHF Members $295 for General Non-Members
Half-Day Program, 9am to 12pm: $140 for GHF Members $150 for General Non-Members
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