Tucked behind the Cowden Rose Garden at the base of Daffodil Hill and the Mordy Tree Grove lies the Children’s Garden, a joyful and educational haven perfect for little ones (and big ones) to explore nature in all its forms.

A white picket fence and purple pergolas frame a pint-sized garden ripe for frolicking faeries and butterflies. Colorful flowers stretch around the perimeter and climb the hill above our hand-crafted “hobbit tunnel” which makes a great hiding spot. There’s even an apple tree and a bench for taking a rest while the kids wander.

Play the video above to take a virtual walk through the Children’s Garden!

Funding for the Children’s Garden provided by:
Rudney and Associates
Diablo Valley Lions Club
Walnut Creek Lions Club
Ynagcio Valley Lions Club
Walnut Creek Garden Club
Danville Alamo Garden Club

Artistic elements by: Jenn Ellen McGovern
Garden design by: Jere Peck