The world desperately needs more people to fall in love with nature—with woods, wildlife, water, snowy mountains, coral reefs, and fragile habitats everywhere–because if people love something, they want to look after it. It’s that simple. At The Gardens at Heather Farm, we know exactly how to cultivate and spread that passion for nature. But we can’t do it without your help.

The facts are not in dispute. Science brings us new evidence every day, every hour. Global temperatures are increasing. Average sea levels rose nearly twice as much in the last two decades as they did during the entire previous century. The impact of these changes on all forms of life is dramatic—even catastrophic. Dozens of species of plants and animals go extinct every day—and experts predict that as many as half of all species on the planet could be headed for extinction by the middle of this century. What we don’t know yet is how these changes will ultimately affect us. So yes—this is a grave problem.

Part of the solution rests in our hands. At The Gardens, we know how to spark that love and forge a deep connection with nature. You could say it is the “root” of who we are, it’s in our organizational DNA. A visit to The Gardens at Heather Farm offers a multitude of ways to experience the environment up close and to appreciate the delicate balance between humans and nature.

Maintaining a beautiful indoor/outdoor facility that takes you inside nature costs money. And offering a range of intensive science-education programs for kids and adults requires resources. The revenue we take in from events, foundation grants, and corporate gifts combined, pays for just over half of these ongoing expenses. We rely on donors like you to make up the difference.

How do we know what we’re doing is working? Thanks to the generosity and foresight of dedicated supporters like you, we have achieved many successes. Please take a look at just a few of the ways we’ve connected people with nature and inspired them to make a difference:

  • With your support, we host more than 100,000 visitors in our gardens each year who discover plants that thrive in our summer-dry climate, and learn about sustainable gardening practices such as composting, the use of water permeable walkways, and integrated pest management;
  • You have made it possible for more than 20,000 elementary school children, from over 125 different schools, participate in transformative educational programs each year;
  • There is a significant void in early childhood curriculum that stresses an environmental perspective and, with your help, we are working to fill that void with our preschool Nature Explorers program. Early childhood is the ideal time to shape environmental attitudes and values;
  • We regularly collaborate with environmental partners like the Audubon Society to offer educational wildlife programming;
  • With your help, in 2019 we will be renovating our Water Conservation Garden, our largest demonstration garden, and installing a new Firewise Demonstration Garden, to educate the community about protecting their homes from wildfire.

And to make lasting change, we must do even more. You can help us create new, even better ways to engage more people with the natural world.

It is only thanks to the support of people like you that The Gardens at Heather Farm has been able to achieve so much. The need for loving stewardship of our environment is greater than ever. Won’t you please help us by making a gift that will enable us to do even more to help people fall in love with nature?

Best wishes to you and your family for the festive season and a happy and healthy New Year.

With gratitude,
Joan Lucchese
Executive Director

YES! I will support The Gardens and help preserve nature!