The Gardens Needs You!

Join us in our new Capital Campaign to raise funds for building a greenhouse and community garden at The Gardens at Heather Farm.

Large greenhouse, plant nursery, garden centre
Turning Crisis into Opportunity

Our 40 year-old greenhouse facilities are at the historical core of our organization. The greenhouse was built in order to produce plant material used to build The Gardens in the early 1980’s, and continues to be used by our volunteers to produce thousands of organically grown seedlings, herbs and flowers to plant in the Gardens and to sell to the public.  Proceeds from the plant sales help fund the operations of The Gardens.

Recently, the City has requested that we move our greenhouse facilities out of the City corporation yard as they need the space. This is giving us the opportunity to plan the construction of new state-of-the-art greenhouse facilities on unused Gardens’ property, allowing us to be more productive and efficient in our efforts to care for our six and a half acres of gardens.

panier de lgumes frais dans potager










We are Building a Community Garden!

Recently the Park, Recreation and Open Space Commission unanimously approved the construction of a large community garden behind the new greenhouse facilities!

Our new community garden project will encourage individuals and families to get active in growing, sharing, and eating local foods. We envision our community having abundant, healthy food with a culture and economy respectful of local resources.











Small Steps, Big Impact

Please help us with your donations and support! We hope to realize our goal to better serve our community by keeping our public garden beautiful, and providing space for our community to grow their own food and garden together.

Help Us Build a Greenhouse & Community Garden!
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