The Gardens at Heather Farm recently held a “battle of the devices” at the STEM & EdTech Symposium on Saturday, February 24th to pilot the new Nature Techies lesson in our Natural Science Classroom program for local school children.


Teachers and students pitted Apple iPads against Amazon Fires to determine which tablet device was better for documenting, analyzing, and reporting results of their on-campus biodiversity surveys in a real-time collaborative effort. Our brave pilots then used these findings to brainstorm ways to promote biodiversity at their school sites.

As our society becomes more tech-oriented, The Gardens at Heather Farm strives to maintain a vital connection to the natural world. Nature Techies updates our Nature Detectives lesson by utilizing handheld smart devices so that students can communicate their findings with their classmates in real time. We encourage them to use this experience to make real life decisions about preserving plant and animal life on campus.