Calling all nature scientists! Come join NATURENAUTS, our science summer camp at The Gardens at Heather Farm.

Who: All science enthusiasts between 6-11 years old (incoming 1st-6th graders)
When: Monday-Friday 8:30am-11:30am
Where: The Gardens at Heather Farm
Cost: $300 per week for general public, $275 per week for The Gardens at Heather Farm members  Click here to become a member for an instant discount!
Choose from the 3 topics listed below! 


All About Plants!!

Come spend the week exploring our gardens.  We will learn about the parts of a plant, how producers get energy from the sun, native plants to California, unique adaptations plants have to help them survive extreme conditions, and how to identify plants. Our scientists will also be able to dissect a flower and a seed then use a microscope to examine the parts of a plant.


June 1-5


All About Animals!!

Come spend the week learning about animals.  From mammals to insects and everything in between we will explore how animals survive, where animals live, what adaptations they have, and what makes animals unique. Participants will make observations about animals we see throughout the gardens and Heather Farms park.  Scientists will study real life insects, reptiles, mammals, birds, and microscopic organisms. 


All About Science!!
Come spend the week exploring life, physical, and earth science topics.  From space to food webs and everything in between, scientists will spend the week experiencing electricity, making chemical reactions, exploring planets, observing rocks, finding fossils, and learning about habitats. Scientists will get to truly experience the wonders of Science!

Questions: Email or call 925-947-6712
Additional Info: This is a drop-off program, no parent participation required
Max. Enrollment: 15 students per weekly session