Early in 2017, we found ourselves desperate for an updated topographical map of our garden. As a non-profit, we are at the mercy of donors to support much of our capital improvements. One of those marked improvements was a new Children’s Garden area, complete with an adorable “Hobbit House,” butterfly display area and other interactive nature features for children and their families. After much work courting donors and generating public interest, we received enough funding to approve the Children’s Garden project. However, before the project could officially move forward, one of our last remaining needs was new mapping of the property so the area could be properly designed.

A Board member reached out to Guida Surveying who graciously offered to visit The Gardens and assess our needs for the project. What transpired from then on was so completely beyond our expectations! Upon meeting with our staff, Guida realized the current mapping for our entire 6-1/2 acre property was so out of date, it was rendered useless. Guida quickly offered to map the entire property for us and did so in time to meet our needs for the children’s garden. But that wasn’t all. Upon speaking with our staff to understand about all of our programs and garden uses, Guida performed a host of other deliverables to allow us to do so much more than we ever thought possible.

Here at The Gardens, we are proud of the impact we are making connecting and educating thousands of people about nature, while continuing to sustain the environment every year with our free, public garden. In 2017 alone, we reached over 17,000 school children in Contra Costa County with our natural and environmental science programs. Thanks to the generosity of firms like Guida, we can continue, and now improve, our efforts.