Fragrance, color and texture dominate this garden that rest on the patio at the rear of the building. Along with a splashing fountain, the raised beds allow visitors of all ages and abilities to participate in the stimulation of the senses that this garden provides.

Peak season for the Sensory Garden is spring through fall, where you’ll see a rotating selection of bright, colorful plants with interesting shapes and smells. Popular favorites in this garden are the visually striking dahlias, poppies, daisies, snapdragons and marigolds, as well as the beautifully-scented lavender, verbena and jasmine.

Installed in the late 1980s through significant support from the local Lions Clubs, the Sensory Garden has been a major component of our Education programs for decades. Our Natural Science Classroom offers a field trip course titled “Sensory Garden” where elementary school students learn about how color, texture and scent is an important example of biodiversity and helps plants survive.

The Sensory Garden area was refurbished in 2015 to bring in more colorful, seasonal favorites and the results have been spectacular!