It’s hard to believe that way back in 2015, we launched the first session of our innovative preschool program, Nature Explorers. The brain-child of our creative Education team, Nature Explorers quickly became a popular activity for curious and adventurous kids ages two to five and their families thanks to its mix of fun class topics, hands-on activities, and outdoor exploration.

Continuing that success, we’re now entering our fifth year of the program, and it feels good to know there are so many young nature lovers out there! Teacher Noelle returns in 2019 to bring engaging weekly classes with a variety of themes: Garden Explorers, Around the World, Animal Kingdom, Wacky Weather, Animal Homes and Habitats, and Plants Around Us. Each session is six weeks, with different topics related to the session theme every Tuesday.

Session One: Get to know the parts of plant, challenge your senses with different smells and textures, learn why rocks are important garden dwellers, and explore the world of soil, worms and compost.

Session Two: Take a trek around the world to explore the different environments where plants and animals live, including rain forests, the African savanna, jungles, deserts, and the landscapes of California.

Session Three: Survey different types of animals (maybe even your favorite?), from mammals to reptiles to insects, and learn what makes each of them unique.

Session Four: It’s time to talk about the seasons (do you have a favorite?) and the wacky elements of the weather, including climate change.

Session Five: Learn about all the sorts of places animals live and make their homes, from tide pools to caves to underground.

Session Six: Discover more about the plants we encounter in our daily lives, like the trees we climb, the grasses we lay on, and the fruits and vegetables we eat.