Contra Costa Water District Class

Students participate in an interactive presentation in which they learn about water, its role in California’s history, and how to be clean water activists. Includes teacher resources, handouts and all experiment materials. Programs include “Amazing Water and its Three Forms” (3rd grade), “Water and Geography in California” (4th grade), and “Water Molecule’s Incredible Journey” (5th grade).

Length: 60-90 minutes
Fee: Free to schools in Central and East Contra Costa
Grade Level: 3-5
Programs Available: Limited number
Schedule a CCWD Program for Your Class
Booking Request

Scheduling a Program

Submit an online request form. You may also call our Education Office at (925) 947-6712 or email us. Enrollment is limited; please schedule early for the best selection of dates. Our programs are not limited to what you see in our brochure. Please contact us with special requests via email or phone 925-947-6712.

Booking Guidelines

  • Maximum group size is 30 students; multiple classes cannot be combined
  • A minimum of two programs is required per visit to your school
  • All field trips require one adult for every five children
  • Teachers and chaperones are responsible for students at all times

Special Programs

Our programs can be tailored to meet the needs, interests and abilities of any group, including home-school programs, day-care classes and scout troups. Let us know if your students have special needs, or if there is a special emphasis you would like during the program.


Program fees will be refunded if cancellations are made at least four weeks prior to your reserved date. In the event of inclement weather, programs will be held indoors or rescheduled if possible.