In partnership with Mt. View Sanitary District, The Gardens at Heather Farm will be scheduling all field trip and classroom programs. Our programs are provided free of charge. Thank you to the Mt. Diablo Wetlands Funds for its generous support of the MVSD Wetlands Education Programs.

Field Trips

The Wetlands Field Trip Program is a 4-hour experience where students explore Moorhen Marsh at MVSD facility in Martinez. Students will dip net for aquatic animals, tour MVSD’s treatment plant, and learn about water pollution prevention and aquatic animal adaptations. The field trip programs are offered September-November and February-June. Field trips take place from 9:30am-1:30pm and are designed for 1 class per day. Students may arrive via bus or private vehicles.

In Classroom Programs

The Wetlands Classroom Program is a 1-hour experience offered in winter, where GHF instructors visit Contra County elementary school classrooms. Teachers select from three available programs: Craft a Wetland Critter, Water Quality for Life, and Wetlands Wonder. Our in classroom programs are offered December-January. We require at least 2 classes for each school to book on the same day.

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