Melting glaciers, horrendous hurricanes, wildfires burning down entire towns, rising sea levels, birds and wildlife dying from ingesting plastic – it all feels overwhelming, doesn’t it? You, like me, are probably asking yourself, “Is our planet sick? What can I do? Where do I start? Will it make any difference at all?”

At The Gardens at Heather Farm, we’re working to bring about healthy, impactful change and show how local action can make a global difference. Donate to our cause and help us!

Children inherit what is put in place for them, and our children and grandchildren are inheriting an unhealthy planet. However, with proper guidance and exposure to nature’s many wonders, our children can be inspired to HEAL and PROTECT our planet.

Our foremost mission at The Gardens at Heather Farm is to educate the community about being good stewards of the environment. We teach classes on growing food organically and managing garden pests without the use of toxic chemicals. We maintain a beautiful, six-acre green space teeming with diverse plants and wildlife. Most importantly, we offer a wide variety of environmental science education programs for students PreK through 7th grade providing memorable sensory and scientific practices that encourage our youth to investigate and explore the natural world around them.

How do we know what we’re doing is working? Thanks to the generosity and foresight of dedicated supporters like you, we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished so far. Please take a look at just a few of the ways your support has helped us make a difference for our planet:

  • We make a healthy community. More than 150,000 visitors pass through our gardens each year and benefit from walking in a beautiful, tranquil green space which science has proven lowers risk of heart attack, improves blood pressure, boosts bone density, improves balance and helps control weight.
  • We make healthy air to breathe. One tree produces 260 pounds of oxygen and consumes 48 pounds of carbon dioxide each year. With your support, The Gardens at Heather Farm is home to 423 trees and large shrubs which produce 109,980 pounds of oxygen for our community each year. These trees also offset 20,304 pounds of carbon yearly, positively impacting the quality of air we breathe.
  • We make healthy food and families. Through a series of intensive, educational workshops offered at The Gardens at Heather Farm, the 82 families growing their own food in our new community garden have learned the importance of organic gardening practices when growing food for their families, which your support made possible.
  • We make healthy wildlife. The United States has lost 30% of its bird population over the last three decades. The Gardens at Heather Farm provides food and shelter to over 40 species of birds, and the new community garden has increased this support even more.
  • We make healthy habitats. Bees and other pollinators are in decline due to pesticides, decreasing crop diversity, and loss of habitat. Your support makes it possible for us to provide important diversity of plant life and food for these insects. The ongoing decline in bee populations poses a serious threat to a wide variety of plants critical to human well-being. 

Aren’t you glad to learn your gifts are making a difference? This good work would not be possible without your support.

Rest assured, by acting locally, it makes a difference globally. Every action counts, and our planet is counting on it.

Make a gift and help us make a healthy planet!
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Other Ways to Give

Did you know that there are MANY different ways you can provide financial support to The Gardens at Heather Farm? From memberships and individual gifts to corporate donations and grants, you can help The Gardens grow. See the various donation options listed below.


At the core of The Gardens’ community is a group of dedicated supporters — our Members — who truly care about our work. For an affordable annual contribution, Members receive discounts on classes and plants sales, discounts at local garden retailers, and other select benefits. Join or renew your membership today!

Corporate Sponsorship

Become a sponsor for one of our fundraising events. Our annual fundraisers, including Teddy Bear Tea in December, are extremely popular public events that host hundreds of attendees each year. Fundraising events offer corporate sponsors broad-based visibility while serving to support our gardens and programs. Learn more about sponsorship.

Corporate and Foundation Grants

Grants play a significant role in The Gardens’ future. Such funding provides sustainability to the gardens and our programs. We welcome the opportunity to establish new partnerships with the corporate and foundation community.

Designated Gifts

Designating your gift to your favorite program ensures it will grow into the future. Designated gifts have helped us renovate garden displays, develop new educational programs for schools and youth, and purchase new books for the resource library. Upcoming special projects include tree pruning, path graveling and updating teaching materials.

Donor Advised Funds

As your clients seek advice and counsel, please consider recommending the Gardens at Heather Farm as a beneficiary. We are happy, of course, to honor the donor’s preferences including, for example, maintenance or renovation of a particular demonstration garden, educational signage, support for our children’s environmental education programs, or sponsorship of our artist-in-residence program, or funding for a traveling garden exhibit. We can answer your questions and provide further information for individual donors, families, advisers and financial institutions. Set up a gift via donor advised funds.

Gifts of Stock and Other Securities

Giving appreciated stock, mutual funds or other securities can help you avoid capital gains taxes while providing important support to the Gardens. To give a gift of appreciated stock, call the The Gardens or contact Jim Titus our representative at Charles Schwab at (415) 667-6219.

Honorary and Memorial Gifts

Consider making a gift in memory of a friend or loved one. Gifts in any amount are accepted for your special dedication. You may also make an honorary gift to commemorate a person or special occasion with an Engraved Brick placed in the Cowden Rose Garden. Order your engraved brick online now, or click here to download a printable order form to mail in with a check.

Matching Gifts and Giving Campaigns

If your employer sponsors a Matching Gift Program or participates in a company giving campaign (such as United Way) – please designate The Gardens as the beneficiary.

For more information on these and other forms of charitable support, please contact our Executive Director, Joan Lucchese, via email or phone (925) 947-0571.